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Rotary Youth Exchanges

On the web site of Rotary club Belgium - Luxembourg - http://www.rotary.belux.org/fr/public/participer/echanges-de-jeunes.shtml, I have found quite interesting information and documentation on their Youth Exchange scheme.

Rotary Youth Exchange is administered by Rotary clubs and districts. Rotary long-term youth exchanges (one school year) are open to students aged 15-19. All applicants must be sponsored by a local Rotary club and complete a written application and in-person interview. During the exchange, young people live in at least two, preferably three host families (in order to get to know the country better; less burden for the families). The host Rotary club screen, select and are in touch with the host family throughout the exchange. Parents or guardians have to cover and are responsible for the round trip and health and accident insurance that meets the requirments of the host club and district.

The documentation they provide on this web page is the following:

  • Youth Exchange Guidelines (it also contains for examples Guidelines for Youth Exchange Emergencies; suggestions for the Exchange Student; evaluation check-lists for students, host families and parents)
  • Application forms with detailes info on health issues
  • Youth Exchange Handbook (a good practice guide for organisers which contains a chapter on Insurance and Risk managements
  • A primer for exchange students
  • A primer for host families

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