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Save our planet - The on line competition

Thinking about our planet has become more urgent than ever before this winter. Nothing is like it used to be. There are storms, high temperatures, snow in countries where they didn´t have it in the past. The part of our curriculum is speaking about the environment. That is why I was very glad, when I learned about the Competition on line on this topic.
We have taken a part in the competition organized by the EU on www.futurenergia.org
Students from sekunda A, tercie B and sekunda B have discussed the topic about separating rubbish, using alternative resources of energy, such as the sun, wind and water and saving the electricity.
We talked about the way how we can help ourselves. We should have a shower instead of a bath more often. We should turn off the taps when we are cleaning our teeth. When we are not watching TV, we should switch it off. We can separate paper and so we will save the trees. Trees are very important for our life. They control the weather. They clean the air. We should use the alternative ways of energy, they are clean. They do not pollute the air. We can see that the greenhouse effect is still more and more affecting our lives. There are stronger storms. In summer we have extremely hot days with no rain and in winter it is either quite warm or the snow comes in such a big amount that it causes terrible problems to all the people. On one hand the polar bears are dying because of melting ice in the North Pole and on the other hand, there are too many deer and other wild animals in Czech woods, which are destroying young trees because of the mild winters.
The children have drawn posters and they have created some slogans.
We hope that also other students and children will take part in this competition and will think about this serious topic. Nobody wants to live in the polluted and destroyed environment in the future. We cannot live without electricity, so we have to look after it better. I must say that the children have worked with a big enthusiasm.

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