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Using forum during lessons

During using the eTwinning web page for the projects with my twinned schools I have realized that inviting my students to the twinspace/ My Team/ is very useful, interesting for the students and helpful for me.
At the beginning it was not very easy at all and I had to create all the usernames and passwords for my students, after I had registered them, I sent them a message onto their email addresses.
Then I created a topic for the students and invited them into the forum. I can say that from the very beginning my students tried very hard, they were proud of their contributions and they also were very responsible because they could see their names under each of the short articles. Some of them thought up their own topics.
How happy they were when they saw also the contributions from our Greek school.
I have realized that storing all these contributions is important for me and I can use them again whenever I need them. I also can evaluate my students attempts later at home when I have more time to think about what they have written. Having an excellent ICT equipment in my classroom it is not a problem for me to show them their contributions in the time when they can't go to the computer room. So now we can combine email writing with the forum and I hope that in the future we will use more ICT tools together with my partners.


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