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eTwinning Days in Greek schools

The students from Grammar school in Ceska Lipa celebrated the eTwinning Day with their friends a week earlier. They took a chance to do it while they were visiting their partner school in Kalamaria Thessaloniki.
The name of the project with this school is called "Let´s cross the bridge" and we are happy to say that we have crossed it. In April the Greek students came to Ceska Lipa for a few days and it was our turn now. We were very lucky because the Greek school paid for our accommodation, food and a lot of other things. Without their help we wouldn´t be able to go.
The invitation in the school was very friendly. We met the students in the amphitheater of the school where we celebrated together the eTwinning Day. The whole celebration was open by the headmaster of the Greek school. Then we gave the school a winning cup to remind them of our common success in the National eTwinning Competition in the Czech Republic where we had won the second prize. Our Greek friends prepared a presentation about the project and we spoke about the Czech Republic. During the celebration we could also see some Greek folk dances in beautiful costumes and the school band played and sang some songs.
Our students got presents and a lot of studying material about Thessaloniki. They were very happy. Then we went around the school and went on with the celebration for the rest of the day. In the evening we were invited to the Greek families to try delicious Greek cuisine.

We continued with celebrations also the next day 26th September when we travelled to the other partner school called Kavassila High School not far from a very interesting , old town Veria. We have been working with this school for a long time and we have had a lot of projects together. The last project is called "Where do we come from".
When I opened the door of the school I felt I was at home. I couldn´t wait the kiss my twin sister Eleni Kostopoulou.
We were expected in the gym. The atmosphere was very friendly and the students from my school felt like film stars. We showed a film about our school and we spoke about the Czech republic again. Our town is more than 1600 km far from Kavassila but we didn´t have that feeling. We celebrated the same success as in Thessaloniki. Again the second prize in the National etwinning Competition of the Czech Republic.
The Greek children sang a song Fourteen birds and during this song they gave us baskets with fruit from their farms. It was very nice and touching. On the top of each basket was a little paper bird as a symbol of the next project we are going to have together. The name of this project is "Music helps us live".
Our boys played football in the school yard and the girls had a chat with Greek children. I got letters from new etwinning participants and a film, too.
My friend Eleni showed us Veria and told us about history of the town. We also visited the Tomb of Phillip II which was something very special.

I think that both days were very successful and we will remember them for a long time.


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